Seven ways to relax in beautiful Kapchorwa

Most tourists who come to Kapchorwa are surprised by the beauty of the green and lush hills surrounding this small town at 2.000m. After almost 2 years of living in Kapchorwa, I can tell from experience that Kapchorwa is the ultimate place to relax body & mind. In this blog I will present you seven ways to relax in and around Kapchorwa.

1. Enjoy the gorgeous views

Kapchorwa is located on the flanks of Mount Elgon. From Kapchorwa Town you look down at the lower Karamoja plains. This gives Kapchorwa plenty of gorgeous views to enjoy. For instance from La Bamba Hotel or our own Home of Friends Guesthouse.

2. Interact with the relaxed Sabiny people

Like in most mountain villages life moves at a slow pace. The ‘Sabiny’ people are having a calm and relaxed attitude towards life. It is easy to approach people for an informal chat. Even world class athletes like Stephen Kiprotich and Joshua Cheptegei are down-to-earth and easy to interact with.

3. Go for a hike

The surrounding hills of Kapchorwa offer you plenty of hiking possibilities. Walk through banana plantations, small villages and enjoy the small streams flowing down from Mount Elgon. Or go for a several-days hike to Mount Elgon.

4. Eat and drink organic

The Kapchorwa lands are very fertile. A great variety of vegetables grow here. We also have access to tasty and natural fruits like passion fruit, oranges and mango’s. You will eat and drink organic during your stay.

5. Explore unknown sites

Though the population has grown steadily over the past years, population density is still low. Combined with an abundance of natural caves and pools, it makes it attractive to go out and explore these unknown sites.

6. Fresh air

Kapchorwa has a natural mountain breeze. This makes the climate very pleasant. During night the fresh air is blowing through the windows. Runners come here to train because of the favorable high altitude training conditions. In this video rising star Joshua Cheptegei explains the advantages of training in Kapchorwa.

7. Located near Sipi Falls

Kapchorwa is only a 20 minutes’ drive away from the amazing Sipi Falls. In Sipi Falls you can do great hikes and relax in one of the comfortable lodges.

Interested to come to Kapchorwa / Sipi Falls?

Are you interested in a relaxed weekend or holiday in and around Kapchorwa? Our Home of Friends Guesthouse has spectacular views, comfortable rooms, an organic menu and plenty of leisure opportunities!

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  1. Milton says:

    Wow that is a great blog so enlightening about Kapchorwa. It is a place to be, so welcoming and easy to work with every body.

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