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From Coach to Coach gives Ugandan youth the opportunity to discover their talents – in and through sports. Therefore, it is a logical step to enable our social entrepreneurs and sports coaches to learn how to apply their talents as well. Because of    the enthusiasm and commitment of both True Talent World and ‘talent consultants’ Inge Jansen – van Ewijk and Barbara Vegers – this idea has come to life! As an expression of corporate social responsibility, True Talent World and Inge Janssen – van Ewijk (Puur Werkgeluk), are giving support to From Coach to Coach on a volunteer base. In this blog Daan Oxener – the Dutch initiator of From Coach to Coach who is living in Kapchorwa, Eastern Uganda – will give his insights about the experiences so far.

The talented sports people of From Coach to Coach

Joyce Baako, Fred Cherich, George Mwoko and Solomon Kiprotich are all passionate sports people.
•    Joyce is multiple Ugandan karate champion and coach in karate and athletics.
•    Fred graduated last year at Ndejje University in education, sports science and biology. He is born and raised in Kapchorwa and has introduced me in August 2014 to this wonderful region and home ground to running champion like Stephen Kiprotich (Olympic champion marathon 2012), Joshua Cheptegei and Moses Kipsiro.
•    George is multi talented as he is a runner, farmer, tour guide in Sipi Falls, sports leader for the youth and facilitator at From Coach to Coach. We will see if the talent methodology of True Talent World will help him to become more focused!
•    And last but not least, there is Solomon. Solomon is a former professional runner and team member with the most professional work experience as a consultant and project manager.

Importance of PI Talent Profiles  

Fred, George, Solomon and myself, we live and work from Kapchorwa/Sipi Falls, while Joyce comes once in the three months to Kapchorwa to educate and empower our local Community sports coaches and youth in athletics, karate (including self defence) and the integration of life skills into sports programs. Joyce says that the PI Talent Profiles are important to herself and her From Coach to Coach colleagues:

“We need to understand the value of talent, because a combination of talent and character leads to flexibility, more happiness and better health”

Team From Coach to Coach True Talent World

In the blue T-shirt in the middle: Joyce Baako, directly left from her George Mwoko (in yellow), and directly right from Joyce: Fred Cherich. The other people on the photo are Community sports coaches and a youth leader (right down corner) of the Home of Talents project which falls under From Coach to Coach.

Test with a universal character? 

Together with Inge – who supports the project from the Netherlands – I have experienced that the True Talent methodology is has a universal character which goes beyond cultural challenges. However, one question in the PI Talent Profile test – about receiving a phone call – is slightly less applicable in the Ugandan context. After all, the stage of the landline phones has been skipped here.

George maakt True Talent World test

George fills in the PI Talent Profile questionnaire

Increased awareness about talents of self and others 

What I am experiencing with my team is that self reflection – a common trait in the Netherlands – is less apparent in Uganda. This is probably because of a classical British school system combined with the (seemingly) risk of being open to each other. Remarkable is that many of our people easily say that they are competent for every job. For that reason, facilitation of the learning process is quite complex. It is great for me to notice that the awareness about personal talents and talents of others has been increased with the help of the PI Talent Profile. A recent Skype conversation with Inge, gave us the insight that all of the four participating team members (Fred, Joyce, Daan and Solomon) possess complementary talent characteristics. For Solomon – a thinking scientist – the test has helped him realise that – after many years of gaining broad work experience – it is now time to refocus on his natural critical-investigative qualities.

Because our professionals gained more insights in their talents, we will now compose a job profile for the so called ‘social sports entrepreneur’. For more information or questions: /

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