Our youth

On this page some of the youths who participate in our Community sports projects. About their dreams, favorite sport(s) and what is important in their lives.

Sheila Musiwa (14 years) 

“I want to build a house for netball”

Sheila talent on the youths

Sheila Musiwa is a young and talented netball girl, playing the ‘central’ position. She likes to score goals as she expresses in the photo above. Sheila is attending primary school in Tegeres, the subcounty where she is living with her family, and which is same subcountry Stephen Kiprotich comes from. Sheila wants to study to become a coach and dreams of building a ‘house for netball’. This stone house will give shelter to 14 children who will be teached by Sheila in mathematics/science and netball skills. The house will also contain a kitchen which will be used to cook matooke for the whole family! Bon appetit Sheila!

Caleb Chelangat (15 years)

‘If I win medals, I will bring solar energy to every home in my village’

Caleb start one of the youths

Caleb is a 15-year old mature-looking boy from Kapenguria. His second name, Chelangat, means he was born during night. In running Caleb is seeing a bright future for himself. Caleb’s dream is to become a golden medallist, a future Stephen Kiprotich. Like Kiprotich did, Caleb realizes he needs to train hard to reach the top, preferably three times a day. Caleb loves to train with elite athletes – like Kiprotich and Cheptegei – in order to gain more skills. According to Caleb, the start of a race is very important: ‘you need to be there in time, arrive with an active attitude and do a prayer just before the race’. In the photo right you can see Caleb visualizing the start of this golden medal race during the Olympics of 2024. After winning many more medals Caleb promises to bring solar energy to every home in his village. Fair deal Caleb! We will help you realize your dream. Just go for it!

Kenneth Siya (16 years)

‘It’s important to be active everywhere you go’

Kenneth talent

Kenneth Siya is one of the youth leaders in Home of Talents. In that role, he is responsible to coach and communicate with younger children, and to address issues to the adult coaches on behalf of the young ones. Kenneth likes to play soccer and woodball. He acquired many skills already through the Home of Talents project. As a striker, he wants to become the next Ronaldo or Messi. Because of a lack of money for school fees Kenneth only finished primary school. He hopes to be able to re-start education in the second class of Kapchorwa S.S. (Secondary School) next term. Kenneth says it’s important as a young player to respect the (adult) coaches and to be active everywhere you go. Kenneth loves to transfer the skills he learns to other (younger) children. That is why we invited Kenneth to the coach workshops in the FCTC hut.