Mountain biking in Kapchorwa: a sweet and fun experience!

In June 2018, Roos van Bree (Dutch, 19 years) has helped From Coach to Coach to explore, map and promote new mountain bike routes. Purpose of our Elgon Bike Adventures venture is to 1) let tourists and bikers experience the beauty of Elgon region and 2) generate income for our Community sports projects. In this interview, Roos shares her experience with the Kapchorwa nature and people.

1) What has been your motivation to come to Kapchorwa?

I talked to Mieke Oxener (auntie of FCTC founder Daan) and she was very positive about From Coach to Coach. Then I looked up FCTC on the internet and was impressed by the photos and stories. That motivated me to come to Kapchorwa to experience the action at the grassroots.

2) What has been your contribution as a volunteer?

I have been four weeks with only men. My role has been to give a ‘female touch’ to the mountain bike routes: by emphasizing on cultural aspects such as Community dance (in Kamukunga) and visiting a local market (in Kamus). In this way, we have ensured that the fun routes are really fun!

3) What were the highlights of the various routes you took?

The major highlight for me were the waterfalls we discovered such as ‘Tawut’ and ‘Atar-Kshek’. Falls that 99% of tourists have never seen. What is amazing is that children always walk with you to the falls. In that way you get much more connection with the locals. By the way, I prefer Kapchorwa over Sipi because the villages are sweeter and less touristic. People in Kapchorwa easily accepted us. Kapchorwa shows more of the ‘real Africa’. And that’s what we came for!:)

4) How did you experience the collaboration with the FCTC-team?

Very positive. We were welcome with open arms. Everyone in the team is very open. That’s really important. I had a great time!

5) How would you describe the people of Kapchorwa?

Very curious. People want to know why you have come, who you are and where you come from. That’s really nice. People love to connect. And the children are just awesome!


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