Lessons from a highly skilled football coach: Moses Gaale

Moses Gaale is a highly skilled football coach and manager from Kampala. From 8th to 11th May he came to Kapchorwa to give workshops on football, life and managerial skills. With 20 people, we enjoyed a good turn up amongst our Community sports coaches. In this blog, we share Moses’ most important lessons with you. Stay tuned, because his lessons are not only valuable on the pitch, but also for life in general!

According to Moses, being a good Community (football) coach is all about having the right mindset. Therefore, in his workshops Moses put emphasis on the importance of Accountability and Integrity.

Moses Gaale professional football coach

                     Moses Gaale introduces the concepts of accountability and integrity (9th of May 2017)

Lessons on Accountability

Moses’ major lessons on Accountability are:
• most coaches fear accountability because of a) living a double standard life, b) fear of embarassment and/or losing reputation, c) fear of rejection, d) fear of revealing personal secrets and e) past criticism
• therefore, always be open minded and ready to learn;
• expect and accept that you will sometimes be rebuked and sometimes get an ovation. Don’t let it affect your dedication and accountability;
• share openly with people and give them the space to open up too;
• be willing to give and seek guidance: choose one person who can mentor you, one person who is at the same level of personal growth, and one person who you can help to grow.

Lessons on Integrity

To improve your Integrity as a coach Moses recommends to:
• believe in yourself;
• be trustworthy and honest;
• avoid being greedy;
• bring down your ego/pride;
• not corrupt your integrity for power purposes;
• first wait and listen to all viewpoints before making a judgment.

Football training Moses Gaale

Moses Gaale explaining new exercises to our Community sports coaches (10th of May 2017)

How to organize a complete training session

On the practical side, Moses taught our coaches how to organize a complete training session. These are the lessons a football coach can learn from him:
• arrive 20 – 25 minutes before every session;
• check the whole field to make sure it is safe for the children;
• welcome all players / assistants with a handshake;
• have your training session(s) written down;
• constantly give water breaks – about every 20 to 30 minutes;
• bring all players together at the end of the training and briefly talk;
• evaluate with all players, assistants and yourself after each training.

Way forward

Motivated by the positive feedback we got on these workshops, Moses plans to come back next August for more football and coaching workshops. The workshops will be organized in a central place – Boma Grounds in Kapchorwa Town – so we can attract more coaches and players who can benefit from Moses’ exemplary and professional skills.

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  1. Gaale Moses Ian says:

    Am really humbled by your appreciation for the services i give back to my community.

    • Daan says:

      Hi Moses, your welcome. You are one of those few coaches who is able to transfer skills, inspiration and purpose in your trainings. Looking forward to next engagements.

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