Kapchorwa: perfect sports climate in Uganda?

Supported by Fred Cherich (Kapchorwa resident & Sport Science Student Ndejje University)

Unforgettable experience

Go to the small town of Kapchorwa (Eastern Uganda, west of Mount Elgon and close to Sipi Falls) and you will have an unforgettable experience. In the beautiful Kapchorwa hills you find the homes of a youth world champion (Joshua Cheptegei, 10 km.), Olympic champion (Stephen Kiprotich) and other world-famous athletes (e.g. Moses Kipsiro) within 5 km. from each other. When you realize that some of the best athletes from Kenya come from the other side of the border, it’s even more remarkable. What makes the environment of Kapchorwa so special? Last august I got the opportunity to find out about the ‘secret of Kapchorwa’. And it tastes for more…

Beautiful and fertile hill landscape

From the first moment the landscape of Kapchorwa captured my heart. The hills are beautifully green and the views over the valley plain are astonishing. The landscape contributes also to the body shape and healthy status of athletes. The high fertility of the soil makes that various types of food and all nutrients are available which adds to the healthy status of athletes.

Low oxygen supply & genetic spirit

The low oxygen supply and high carbon dioxide percentage makes Kapchorwa a perfect training base for sports/top athletes. Athletes who have trained here consequently will have more red blood cells and less oxygen debt. The genetic spirit of talent and the desire for running activity creates attention to participate and togetherness to fulfill goals.


The temperature in Kapchorwa is more convenient than most other areas in Uganda: amongst 20 degrees and a variety of sunshine and rain.  An other big advantage is that there are almost no musquitos because of the coldness. All by all conducive temperatures for training.

Home of friends

Last but not least: the social atmosphere is very pleasant. Kapchorwa means literally: ‘home of friends’. As I have experienced the people here give you an authentic feel of hospitality. One day we have made a walking tour to Teryet, the promising place of the new National Training Center. Because of rain, we had to shelter. Everywhere we came people welcomed us with food & shelter.

To unlock the potential of children: Home of Talents project

With the support of From Coach to Coach some passionate Community sport coaches in Kapenguria started Home of Talents. We’ve noticed that many children are motivated to develop their talents, in running but also in other sports. But what they lack is a safe & challenging learning environment with quality coaching. For more information check the Home of Talents page.

There is enough reason to follow Kapchorwa development in the coming years, because of the plans for a national high altitude training center in Teryet, centrally located in the green Kapchorwa hills. The construction of a paved road and electricity has begun this year. Tourism and environmental projects will be developed. As in many of these places in Africa the question is: How do the locals and especially young generation benefit from this promising development?

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