Jackson and George: Community coach heroes from Kapchorwa

Two of the most dedicated and coachable Community sports coaches in Kapchorwa region are Jackson Kusuro and George Mwoko. Jackson is a former athlete, Community leader and an important coach in Kapenguria Home of Talents. George is also a former athlete, a tour guide in Sipi Falls, and initiator of the Sipi Talent Training Center. Recently I have interviewed both coaches about our project activities so far and their dreams for the future. Jackson and George are great friends as well. So let’s see if their answers resemble!

Question 1: What are the biggest achievements of the Home of Talents project so far?
Jackson: First of all we managed to encourage five dropouts to go back to school. Secondly, through our project children became aware of their talents in e.g. running and soccer. They know have a vision about the future and how to develop their talents.
George: The children that we are coaching are already equipped with the skills. Some parents from Sipi commented to me that their children run faster than before.

Question 2: What are the biggest achievements of yourself in the Home of Talents project so far?
Jackson: I have managed to get three coaching certificates by going for workshops. I have assisted dropouts to know how to go back to school so in that way we prevented them from becoming thieves.
George: Knowledge and skills on how to coach, skills I did not have before. I have attended workshops organized by CoachesAcrossContinents at Ndejje University and got a certificate there.

Question 3: What is your future dream for the Home of Talents project?
Jackson: Children are going to be educated people, manage themselves, assist others, they will buy books and encourage the dropouts
George: To have self-reliant young and inspirational leaders.

Question 4: What can you do yourself to realize this dream?
Jackson: In the workshops I attended I was taught to discuss with my athletes for at least 15 minutes. From that I try to encourage them to become leaders and to groom others in the future.
George: I need to commit myself to share what From Coach to Coach requires me to share with the kids.

Question 5: What support do you need to realize this dream?
Jackson: To keep the program running by assisting us coaches through monetary support.
George: 1) motivation, 2) equipments for the trainings, 3) have a proper space for training.

Question 6: What would you like to share about with coaches from outside?

Jackson: About the project, the goodness of the project. In 2013 we did not know anything. In 2014 we knew the world is moving like this. We want to keep on adding our skills for example in soccer (positioning), running (adjust to different courses) and netball (positioning).
George: Most important thing to share is about the game work: the games they play in the Netherlands and then to get more skills on different games.

Do you want to share your coach skills with Jackson or George? Send your video to daan@fromcoachtocoach.com.

Question 7: What question did I forget to ask?
George: Do you want From Coach to Coach to stay forever in Kapchorwa region?
Answer George: Yes, off course!

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