Introducing Home of Talents Youth Leaders

The Home of Talents youth leaders play an important role in our Sports Programme. Last weeks they have showed the commitment and passion to further develop our project. For instance, 9 youth leaders went through an intensive Red Cross camp with training in life, health and entrepreneurial skills. Afterwards they have transferred their skills, From Coach to Coach, to the other youth and children. Recently, 6 of our youth leaders, made a plan together with Daan for an upgrade of the new From to Coach – Home of Talents meeting space @ Noah’s Ark Main, Kapchorwa. Some things to know about our youth leaders Eric, Kenneth, Gloria, Jackie, Esther and Steven:

Favorite sport(s): athletics + the new games

Favorite food: posho

Favorite hero: Stephen Kiprotich

As true hosts our leaders of today and tomorrow look forward to welcome you @ Noah’s Ark!





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