Hungry for sports knowledge and connections

The fields of Kapchorwa are so green & fertile that I have not seen any people suffer from hunger. Last Wednesday I was invited for a dinner at the farm of Fred Cherich’s (sport coach with whom I collaborate) family. These people suffer from a high burden of paying schoolfees. So they don’t have much to spend. However they cooked a great and big dinner for me: mother slaughtered a hen (see picture together with brother Albert), cooked Irish potatoes and Matoke. Four to five full dishes were presented to me. With pain in my heart and stomach I had to leave half of this portion at the table. People who know my normal eating habits know that this is quite exceptional!

Where hunger for food doesn’t seem to exist, the contrary seem to be true when it comes to knowledge. Especially for young athletes and coaches. In conversations with them they regularly talk about the knowledge gap they experience: a lack of practical, technical and physiological knowledge that is necessary to gain maximum benefits from their sports training. The same counts for Albert, a serious and talented football player, who would love to show and develop his skills at the (inter-)national stage, but lacks good coaching and support. Remarkable for me is to hear about the knowledge that is available in and around Kampala (at the major universities & sports associations) but doesn’t seem to reach backward areas like Kapchorwa.

This means From Coach to Coach can mean something to these athletes and coaches. I have started this project with the intention to bring Community sport coaches together, share knowledge & skills and connect them to other valuable organizations and individuals.
Many athletes and coaches in Kapchorwa reacted positively to the idea to invite experienced sport coaches from Ndejje University. They will 1) introduce new sports & games and 2) transfer knowledge and skills From Coach to Coach.

In some time we will also organize workshops for various stakeholder groups. All with support from the District Sports Officer. Central questions for these workshops are:
• What does sports mean for physical and mental health?
• What is needed to discover talents @ the grassroots and provide opportunities for nurturing these talents?
• How might sport coaches in Kapchorwa better cooperate?

Do you have knowledge or concrete ideas about these subjects and workshops? Feel free to share!

Like my local compagnon Fred Cherich said: ‘connections + knowledge = success’.

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