Home of Talents Kapenguria

Supported by From Coach to Coach, the Community of Kapenguria (Kapchorwa District, Eastern Uganda) developed the Home of Talents programme. Home of Talents is targeting Kapenguria community and its surrounding, thus Kwoti, Tegeres, Kapteret and Kapchorwa Town Council. The programme started in 2016 with boys and girls aged between 6 and 15. Focus of Home of Talents’ head coaches David and Jackson is on continuous athletics training and guiding kids on daily life issues such as early marriage and peaceful coexistence.

Home of Talents youth

Home of Talents children during the launch of the project in 2016


“Equip and empower youth with social, educational and economic skills through sports – in order to build sustainable livelihoods”


Everyone has a unique talent. Sport helps to discover talents and is an avenue for personal growth. Home of Talents offers a free and safe learning environment. Because ‘it takes a whole village to raise a child’, coaches, leaders and parents play an active role to encourage and nurture the young generation. Focus is on creating a new, young generation of strong leaders. In return these leaders inspire and train the next generation young talents. In this way, Home of Talents brings positive and lasting social change.

On television 

Of recent, coach Jackson was interviewed by NTV in a mini documentary about nurturing athletics talents in Kapchorwa:


The community of Kapenguria has a long-term goal for a ‘sports and talent development center’. This center combines sports, agricultural and life skill programs. It will be situated in the beautiful hills of Kapchorwa:

Future plan Kapenguria sports & talent development center

So far, we have not been able to mobilize enough funds to realize the sports and talent development center. If you’re positive about our work and you want to contribute to our long-term goal, don’t hesitate to contact us!