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Sebei region ‘Home of Champions’ – the cradle of Uganda’s running talent 

Sebei region is full of potential in many areas. Its people are born athletes and the region has already bred many champions, including the gold medalist of the 2012 London Olympic marathon: Stephen Kiprotich. This makes the Sebei region the primary area in Uganda for setting up sports talent programmes. Located on the flanks of Mount Elgon (1.700-2.700m), the region sees a lot of rain and is one of the most fertile in Uganda, making it very suitable for producing (organic) agricultural products. The stunning views over the Ugandan lowlands, the ideal hiking, cycling & mountaineering surroundings and opportunities for leisure & wellness make the area a very attractive destination for tourism.

Urgency to create jobs through talents, ability and skills of youth 

Surprisingly enough youth in Sebei region live in detrimental conditions. A substantial number of families struggle for daily survival. Unemployment rates are mind-blowing. This is not different from the rest of Uganda: The World Bank found that young people under 25 represent three-fifths of Uganda’s unemployed population, and 72 percent of the youth population lives on less than $2 a day. To help their families, 30 percent of youth between the ages of 5 and 14 are forced to work, which robs them of the educational opportunities that could break their families’ cycles of intergenerational poverty. Simply put, Sebei region is sitting on a time bomb unless it creates its own jobs through the ingenuity, talents, ability and skills of its own people.

From Coach to Coach Community sports projects 

From Coach to Coach believes in the power of sports as a catalyst for positive social and economic change. Our Community sports projects help youth to gain the self-confidence, life and entrepreneurial skills to become self-reliant citizens and responsible leaders. Youth with strong discipline, communicative and cooperative skills are able to transform their own lives and break their families’ intergenerational cycle of poverty. Moreover, sports leads to better health, concentration and, through that, better school results and better lives. We help youth to become strong adults!


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