Founder Daan

Daan is the founder and director of From Coach to Coach in Uganda. Daan is a tennis coach and business & education consultant.

Boosting youth talent development in Kapchorwa region

On a journey in 2014 Daan discovered the green & untainted Kapchorwa region, the source and center of Uganda’s running and sports talent. With From Coach to Coach Daan boosts new initiatives for youth talent development through sports. Daan encourages and inspires sports lovers. To create a positive and lasting impact in their Community.

Daan enjoys when young people start to believe in a brighter future, discover & develop their talents. And work together to fulfill their dreams. Community sports coaches are of crucial importance in this process. With From Coach to Coach Daan helps these coaches to develop their competencies. Both in the coaching profession and in personal leadership. Daan is passionate about the Kapchorwa culture and nature. Kapchorwa is known for its wonderful sceneries, hospitality, running talent and huge potential in sports, tourism & agriculture. Therefore, people who are interested, are very much welcome to explore this area together with Daan.

Daan Oxener in Sipi Falls - Founder From Coach to Coach

Daan – founder From Coach to Coach