Erick Enabu: dedicated and passionate Woodball Coach

I came to know Erick Enabu during a successful From Coach to Coach week in Kapchorwa in June 2016. As a dedicated and passionate woodball coach and representative from the Uganda Woodball Federation (UWF), the 23 year old Erick had a great impact to that success. Through this interview I shared more with him about his background, motivation and ambitions.


Erick Enabu

Where do you come from?
I live in a place called Kasokoso-Kireka in Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

When did you start playing woodball? 
I started playing woodball in 2010 in Kyambogo College School when I was in my senior 3, ordinary level.

When did you start coaching woodball?
I started coaching woodball in 2014 when I was still in high school. In 2015 I went for a coaching course where I officially graduated as a woodball coach.

What motivates you in your job as a woodball coach?
To teach the game to people who don’t know anything about the game beforehand.

Can you share something about yourself? What characterizes you as a coach?
I base myself on the truth of the game, I follow the rules and regulations of the game and I always want to be a winner because that is the only way I shall be recognised by any individual. I am also a very principled person, tactical and sometimes difficult to understand. Therefore I try as much as possible to explain myself to anybody. When I was still young I lost my dad. So I have been raised by my mum whom I give thanks for working tirelessly to see the family succeed. And also thanks to my uncle who paid my tuitions.

You introduced the game of woodball to the children and coaches in Kapchorwa. How did you experience this introduction?
It emotionally moved me to see them picking up the game while I could correct the few errors and mistakes they were making.

What skills did you focus on?
I mostly focused on the technical and practical part of the game. How can one strike the ball far? How do you stand before striking? At what stage of the fairway do you have to concentrate most? And how to regulate your energy when striking the ball.

I heard you liked the From Coach to Coach week with our fellow coaches in athletics, track & field, soccer  and athletics. Why did you like it so much?
It was one of my greatest experiences as a coach so far because we had a clear structure of working: I had to wake up every morning with the program of the day, at the field we practised for a few hours, during evening meetings we had to give a report of the day. And last but not least: Together we managed to successfully launch the Home of Talents project.

What should we do in Kapchorwa region to improve the quality of the From Coach to Coach – Home of Talents project?
I would love From Coach to Coach to increase the funding of the project so the Community coaches who work voluntary and tirelessly will get some monetary compensation.

What are your ambitions as a coach?
I am a practically oriented person, not so much into theory. So besides further specialisation in woodball I would specialise in football. From my experience as a clan advisor in a committee I can help with guidance and counseling.
If you were the project manager of From Coach to Coach: what would be the next steps you would take?
I would aim at widening the project to different communities within the country because not only in Kapenguria and Sipi but also other tribes are still living in a primitive way.

How do you see the future of woodball?
I personally see woodball as one of the sounding games because as long as we engage the students/coaches to play the game, at the end of the day they walk home with something. At any woodball tournament there are gifts like medals, certificates and trophies to be given out to the participants. So at the end of the day no participant shall walk some empty handed unlike other games like football and netball. My appeal to the FCTC team is to acquire four sets of equipments so Sipi and Kapenguria can engage their participants into various tournaments as to perfect the game and to be pioneers in the district.

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