Community sports coaches

We work with sports coaches in the Communities of Kween, Sipi and Kapenguria. Our coaches have gone through various courses, such as football for social impact, athletics officiation, talent development and event management.

Name: Mwoko Elimas

Age: 23

Village: Kewachesit (Sipi)

Favorite sports: Football

What Elimas likes about coaching: I have several football skills, such as dribbling, stretches and passing. I like to transfer these skills to the young ones and to create a strong Community team

Plans / dreams for 2021: We should organize a study tour for both our coaches and participants such that they see different things they have never seen before, for example different types of wild animals and the source of the Nile

Achievements: I have acquired a certificate in coaching and as a head coach my team won the Kids Athletics Platinum League in Masaka in December 2020


Name: Chemutai Edwin

Age: 18

Village: Lolei (Kapenguria)

Favorite sport: Athletics

What Edwin likes about coaching: To empower the young generation through coaching sports activities like athletics, football et cetera

Plans/dreams for 2021: To aim higher and to become a champion in 10km.


  • I completed a computer, sport coaching and tour guide course
  • Gold medals in 5km. race Kampala (2016) and 800m. race Kampala (2019) and a silver medal 200m. in Kampala (2019)


  • Am able to produce hard copy into soft copy and also printing, designing and sending messages

Name: Chemutai Rael

Age: 29 years

Village: Kewachesit (Sipi)

Favorite sport: Athletics

What Rael likes about coaching: It made me acquire many coaching skills, tour new places and I got new friends

Achievements so far: I helped the young stars to get knowledge about sport

Highlights 2020: I completed a computer course through FCTC

Plans / dreams for 2021: More refresher courses to build competence of our coaches

Name: Mutai Kenneth

Age: 39 years

Village: Sererwo (Kween)

Favorite sport: Athletics

What Kenneth likes about coaching: To help me to move all over the world

Achievements so far:

  • I have helped the athletes to get more knowledge and skills
  • I have also helped them to have friends in all communities

Highlights 2020: We went to Masaka for competitions and came back with the trophy

Plans / dreams for 2021:


Name: Chepkurui Clare

Age: 27

Village: Cheptecho (Kapenguria)

Favourite sports: Athletics

What Clare likes about coaching: Coaching has encouraged team work among the coaches through the trainings and meetings, it has promoted the young stars through exchange visits

Dreams/plans of 2021:

  • To better my skills, encourage and mentor the young athletes
  • Time management for both participants and coaches in any activity
  • To see the project growing through lobbing and organizing charity runs


  • So far so good, I have attained a certificate of completion in a computer course
  • I have been able to coach many athletes who have won several medals and trophies
  • I have interacted with different coaches from various areas and we have been able to share ideas and knowledge



Name: Chemonges Davis

Age: 44 years

Village: Kachemiryot (Kween)

My favorite sport: Football

What Davis likes about coaching: I like talking and guiding my participants to play well

Plans/dreams for 2021:

  • Organize community sports at least three times in this year
  • Refresher courses for coaches
  • Train the youth in running skills as I prepare them for competition


  • I have acquired several coaching skills e.g. in football, running and computer
  • I was able to make many friends and develop myself a CV
  • I was able take athletes under 12 years and under 15 years to Masaka and they were able to win medals gold silver and prongs